-Main Girl In Dizzee Rascals video 'Holiday' summer 2009 Ibiza
-Successful Model
-Successful Stylist
- Successful Dancer
-T4 channel 4 Fashion show Frock Me with Alexa chung and Henry Holland
-Vogue website-Model for a styling competition
-Worked for Playboy France: Paris/Alps/other locations
-Front cover of SNM Magazine Southampton
-Danced In some of the biggest clubs in the world, Ibiza, London, France
-Danced for a huge event in Lebanon summer 2009 Above and Beyond concert
-Last rounds of BNTM6
-Various Music Videos
-TV Shows
-Hair Shows
-Various promotional/model work N20/Eye- Candy/Mashed/Dazed Dancers-Models and Promotion
-Designing a fashion styling story book form of Fantasy and Fairytale
-Make-up artist work for Studios and Shoots
-Styling my own shoots
-Fashion Styling

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Im Back
Well where do I begin.....
My journey of Ibiza 2010 yet another summer that will stay with me forever...
My Top Memories
Whole I dea and the most precious thing that I have taken away from spending a summer away in Ibiza is the friends you make, friends for life. I have met the most special people, and the first day is why I decided to go to Ibiza. ' DON SIMMONE' cheapest day... getting drunk by the pool meeting new people, this day will never be forgot, laughing endlessly, being silly without a care in the world, not spending over £2 pound.. simple things are the best! The day of Don Simmone this is where the journey all began.
My bestest memories was meeting one of my favourite music artists David Guetta, this was a total shock, having spent the day at friend Taio's Villa, we all headed for a day at the beach... where crazy antics of jet ski'in, massarges, donut rides, the day was immense, so many giggles. After this we all headed to KM5 one of Ibizas most exclusive restraunts with the most beautiful decor, David Guetta popped in and we all got a chance to have a few drinks.
 ZOO Boat Party and Zoo after Party, this is where I met so many special people, the boat party was so crazy, everyone was so lovely, we had the worlds most crazy bar man who got us absaloutly wonkered... thanks to Dave and Nick for getting me and Kate on for free :o) lots of free drinks... then to zoo after where it got even better, seal pit was so crazy! After we all headed to underground where it was a lil more chilled.
Flower Flower was one night I will never forget, Flower power is a one off night at Pacha one of the most amazing super clubs in Ibiza, the night is designed for pure 70's where everyone is dressed at Hippies, I was'nt sure weither it would be my scence but i cannot express how incredible this night is, every single person was loving life, the atmosphere dressed to a TEE. Celebrated my best friends birthday too which made the night even more amazing.
Working, I actually can't belive how easy peasy the job was this year, parading was fun and made some good friends along the way, costumes were not the same as last year... but living in San An can be tough at times and when you have a job like us, you cannot really complain.

Too many more meories but theres a little of the Ibiza Journey

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