-Main Girl In Dizzee Rascals video 'Holiday' summer 2009 Ibiza
-Successful Model
-Successful Stylist
- Successful Dancer
-T4 channel 4 Fashion show Frock Me with Alexa chung and Henry Holland
-Vogue website-Model for a styling competition
-Worked for Playboy France: Paris/Alps/other locations
-Front cover of SNM Magazine Southampton
-Danced In some of the biggest clubs in the world, Ibiza, London, France
-Danced for a huge event in Lebanon summer 2009 Above and Beyond concert
-Last rounds of BNTM6
-Various Music Videos
-TV Shows
-Hair Shows
-Various promotional/model work N20/Eye- Candy/Mashed/Dazed Dancers-Models and Promotion
-Designing a fashion styling story book form of Fantasy and Fairytale
-Make-up artist work for Studios and Shoots
-Styling my own shoots
-Fashion Styling

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Haute Couture Kitties
Talking about little creatures in my previous post, check these haute couture kitties out
The New York Cat Fashion Show is for Furry Fashionistas
This event took place in the lobby of the Algonquin Hotel. At the New York Cat Fashion Show, the owners are required to dress their pet up in fashionable clothes. From ballerina cats to magician cats, this show has everything

My Personal Catch Up
 New little addition to the family.. Bro and Gfs lil pup

We have lil Leo :o) may look small at rat like, but is actually the most adorable little thing... crazy as me, but is the cutest little sleeeper ever... eating cheesy puffs...least this is'nt a fashion statement just a small lil pup

90s Rocker Fashion
The MadeMe Fall 2010 Lookbook Appears to Star a Retro Rock Band
I have always been a big fan of the rock chic look, the trend full of mesh, stripes, leather and more, it will bring some retro edge to your wardrobe.  The 90s Rocker fashion has seemingly been centered around a music group theme, it is certainly rocker rad.

Military Hats, Striped shirts, Leather jackets and belts, shades, mini cut up crop top jumpers, T-shirts with slogan prints, list goes on

Dressing Up Box
Well when I heard this I just got rather excited, bringing back memeories as a little girl rummerging through my mums box, trying on all her clothes, well its time to do it as an adult...

Autumn's most flamboyant trend is all about colour, chaos and creativity... so go wild get searching through those box's you never know what you may find, mix and match, anything goes.

Romantic Florals Taking It Back
Maxi-Dress's Move over... a new take to looking fabulous with these romantic beauties
Nothing beats the old school beauties in fashion, the detailed dresses, with the long floral frocks to the floor, with long knits drapping over giving that layered affect... Play the look with a smudgey look of grey, frawn and burnt orange, finishing with that libarian chic look with specs.
Emily Marie Photography
I was keen to add Emily into my blog as a young and inspirational photographer we worked together to come up with some fantastic images which have been published  and scouted by vauxhall fashions as up coming stylists and photographers this was:

The Photo that made the final selection was one in which I styled and modelled in and photography taken by Emily, the image is below
As a 17 year old aspiring photographer, I am keen to get into the fields of fashion, editorial & portraiture. I feel that I have always had an admiration for fashion and beauty- two things I enjoy witnessing and trying to replicate. My experience with photography so far has entailed lots of experimentation, portfolio building, networking & of course is itself a massive and ongoing learning process.. I’m about to undertake an intern position in London with John Wright, an established fashion &c and so will gain an invaluable insight into the industry alongside developing the necessary skills to progress in my adventure of (one day) becoming a ‘Professional Photographer’.

What was your inspiration behind this particular photograph?

Kate had been wanting to shoot a sort of Miss Minnie inspired series of images for a while and for this shot I took inspiration from the dresses elementary flow and it’s seamless like nature as I felt the poise allowed for a nice touch of playfulness