-Main Girl In Dizzee Rascals video 'Holiday' summer 2009 Ibiza
-Successful Model
-Successful Stylist
- Successful Dancer
-T4 channel 4 Fashion show Frock Me with Alexa chung and Henry Holland
-Vogue website-Model for a styling competition
-Worked for Playboy France: Paris/Alps/other locations
-Front cover of SNM Magazine Southampton
-Danced In some of the biggest clubs in the world, Ibiza, London, France
-Danced for a huge event in Lebanon summer 2009 Above and Beyond concert
-Last rounds of BNTM6
-Various Music Videos
-TV Shows
-Hair Shows
-Various promotional/model work N20/Eye- Candy/Mashed/Dazed Dancers-Models and Promotion
-Designing a fashion styling story book form of Fantasy and Fairytale
-Make-up artist work for Studios and Shoots
-Styling my own shoots
-Fashion Styling

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Alexander McQueen S/S-2010
J'Adore these shots- Incredible shoes
These are awesome, wow the shows mixed in with the reptiles
watch this space...
I hear the waiting list is Crazy
What is Hot-Jeans ASOS lets the 2010 Trends out the bag 
Printed Denim
Boyfriend jeans
70's look
Elliot jeans

Friday, 29 January 2010

My Life:
Filming as an Extra in Beverley Knights NEW Music Video Ft
For all details of film production, great team and producers

Take a look at the new Campaign these shoes and styling drive me wild... crystals are dazzling

Sneak Peak





These dazzling ouzzing images of colour are simple great, giving us that tease of summer fun, colours of a rainbow seem to amaze us, with this sport but edgy shoot




I daily post the most inspirational images out there, this shoot is insane, the styling is so unique and the concept is awesome, the way in which the images capture particular cut out areas reflecting a chainsaw's path




Magdalena Frackowiak was photographed by Josh Olins and styled by Katie Shillingford for this Dazed&Confused shoot called "The Amsterdam Chainsaw Massacre," showcasing Viktor & Rolf's spring collection, full of crazily-cut tulle.  
Little Red Riding Hood with an editorial twist

Inspiration for my FMP Final Major Project
Fantasy and Fairytale Shoots and Styling
I am going to use elements from this by using a wolf outfit I already have, the styling is so fabulous
All i need to say WOW
"Into the Woods" from US Vogue Sept 09 featuring Natalia Vodianova is one of the best September issue editorials I've seen yet.  Shot in a Little Red Riding Hood inspired setting, with wolf and all, Mert&Marcus capture the story of the fairytale perfectly, incorporating the beautiful shades of red from the fall collections. 






Neon Me
Fashion Stylist Kayleigh Ruddle 
Model Kate Moss Feature
Fashion's stars of the future shine their brightest at Solent University

Neon Me

SINCE Fashion Styling became an official degree for the first time ever last September at Solent University in Southampton (which is now so flooded with applications for next term, they've had to expand the course capacity), students are getting serious bites at the fashion cherry before they even hit the industry full-time.
Course coordinator Jennifer Anyan thought up the genius task of pairing first year style students with third year photographers, with a brief to produce one definitive fashion image.
The results are so outstanding, some could easily be mistaken for a million-pound campaign on the opening page of a glossy. The vibrancy and movement in Fluorescent Winter Warmers, by stylist Kayleigh Ruddle and photographer Linda Karlsson, is one of the strongest contenders: a sure future in fashion beckons for this pair. 

Check it out on

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Summer 2009: Lebanon Dancing for Above and Beyond

The View was the most incredible I have seen
Melon any one yummieee
VIP Dancers Pass
Amazing Food

Another Amazing opportunity one I will cherish

Positive Thinking and a quote for inspiration within yourself

its all about following your heart.
focus on happiness, not money, not want other people think of you, not of what society deems you should do with your life.
focus on happiness for yourself and others. its so easy to make someone smile.
realise karma exsists. what geos around comes around. good things happen to good people. i promise.
always always focus on the positives. never on the negatives. whats the point?? negatives make you sad??and know, that everything in our world, every single thing and person once bagan with a thought. everything is a thought. thats why you must think positive thoughts.
think about all the above, apply them to your life. and everything will be perfect.
Rhianna Steal her style
Chanel Mesh-mid calf boots

Wow I love this mickey mouse in style hat

Rhianna does it again, military ft own twist

Watch Out For me

Aaron Frew
Hot to the Fashion Magazines and World
Frew Being only the age of 18, a dude full of inspiration, love and passion for style, he has accomplished so much already and is set to be extreme, with work, with top designers, photographers and show casing his unique look all over the industry, we will be seeing him for years to this space...we share lot of similarities from past experiences, and believe its how we have become so strong and determined, great fiend and wish him all the success in the world

check Frews Blog out for more:
Out and About London
Collections and Jet Black

Party Time
Alice and Wonderland launches 3D film
So Excited, Bringing out the Inner Kid
Looks amazing-To be released at the IMAC theatres

Wow Heidi as you have never seen before... 
To me this is absurd
I really am shocked to see these images, i find it disturbing how such a naturally beautiful young lady has transformed herself into someone unrecognisable 
Heidi Montag: Pre-Breast ImplantsPlastic Surgery Princess


As you've never seen them before... looking all grown up without their trademark quiff

John and Edward Grimes
Stylish Suits and mature nature

They won over the nation with their garish outfits and comedy 'dance' routines on The X Factor.
But Dublin twins John and Edward are seen here as never before, looking mature and grown up, dressed in smart suits and overcoats.
Showing off their sartorial splendour, the brothers have also lost their trademark quiff in favour of a classic side-parting and topped off their stylish look with a pair of shades. 

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Some New Shots Of My Own Modelling

Shoot from a student house  would you guess?

Friday, 22 January 2010

Digital Print
There is panels of electric colours, panels of print, bring print to a new dimension and new twist
Attention-grabbing digital prints steal the spotlight

Digital Prints

Inside Out
Bras, suspender belts, pants, sheer tops, its all about lingerie this term
Lady Gaga Gaga
Mesh-Lace-and pastel colours
944-Lady-Gaga-1.jpg image by ajbar7

Friday, 15 January 2010

Creepy Or Flattery
This is me on someones arm...I love the art though

Some Of My New Modelling Shots And Styling