-Main Girl In Dizzee Rascals video 'Holiday' summer 2009 Ibiza
-Successful Model
-Successful Stylist
- Successful Dancer
-T4 channel 4 Fashion show Frock Me with Alexa chung and Henry Holland
-Vogue website-Model for a styling competition
-Worked for Playboy France: Paris/Alps/other locations
-Front cover of SNM Magazine Southampton
-Danced In some of the biggest clubs in the world, Ibiza, London, France
-Danced for a huge event in Lebanon summer 2009 Above and Beyond concert
-Last rounds of BNTM6
-Various Music Videos
-TV Shows
-Hair Shows
-Various promotional/model work N20/Eye- Candy/Mashed/Dazed Dancers-Models and Promotion
-Designing a fashion styling story book form of Fantasy and Fairytale
-Make-up artist work for Studios and Shoots
-Styling my own shoots
-Fashion Styling

Friday, 27 August 2010

Ibiza Fashion
The future of luxury: custom fashion, cheap chic,
 Out with the old in with the new

We all know that Ibiza is known for its unique fashion and individual style,
Customization is the art of appropriate clothing, to give a little personal touch.
Customization and re-styling is a number one secret to looking fabulous on the Island, either re creating and and personalizaing garments that you already have, to hitting the local charity shops for a fashion make over. Customizing old to new can be achieved ever so simply.

Although some are true experts in the field of personalization, you can also bring your inner creative side to the surface. Recycling old t-shirts in Ibiza seems to be the most common form of customization, this can simply be achieved a few tips below are suggested to get those old t-shirts looking dazzling.

Small changes only need to be made and ever so simply you can have a T-shirt fit to sell in the local vintage shops.

1) A simple change: Cutting the Neck and sleeves off a simple T-shirt can dramatically change the look, giving it that vintage edge, becoming looser and less like your wearing your Dads Gym top.

2) Boys V Girls: It seems that in Ibiza boys and girls seem to switch clothes like the wind, I am forever rumerging through the boys wardropes to find baggy shirts and badboy T-shirts to wear as a dress. A boys shirt can be altered and transformed into a cute T-shirt/shirt dress, adjusting to make more femine. A waist belt always looks fabulous as a finishing touch, this season my favourite blag is a boys checked Shirt.

3) Additions: Take a trip to your local craft shop, picking up Pearls, beads, badges, materials the list is endless. Turn your T-shirt into an ethnic wonder to your taste, an African style with colourful beads or even a more glamorous style sewing metallic beads to give it that rock star look.

 My Favourite Personal Styling this summer

My favourite personal styling this summer from my fashion make overs, consist of taking my old denium jaket and cutting the sleeves off to make a guillet style finish. By doing this it gives that vintage feel and also is suitable for the scorching hot weather, you know this way no-one will have the same as you.

 I recently styled my old converses, converses being really in this summer, why not make yours differ from the rest, weither it be, ironing on badges, using fabric pens to make them more vibrant, make your own individual designs.

Now its time for you to have a good rummage for all those old garments that can be turned into something special, I am a firm believer of never throwing anything out as you never know when they may come in handy.

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