-Main Girl In Dizzee Rascals video 'Holiday' summer 2009 Ibiza
-Successful Model
-Successful Stylist
- Successful Dancer
-T4 channel 4 Fashion show Frock Me with Alexa chung and Henry Holland
-Vogue website-Model for a styling competition
-Worked for Playboy France: Paris/Alps/other locations
-Front cover of SNM Magazine Southampton
-Danced In some of the biggest clubs in the world, Ibiza, London, France
-Danced for a huge event in Lebanon summer 2009 Above and Beyond concert
-Last rounds of BNTM6
-Various Music Videos
-TV Shows
-Hair Shows
-Various promotional/model work N20/Eye- Candy/Mashed/Dazed Dancers-Models and Promotion
-Designing a fashion styling story book form of Fantasy and Fairytale
-Make-up artist work for Studios and Shoots
-Styling my own shoots
-Fashion Styling

Friday, 27 August 2010

Cut Up Look Books
This freaky look book Actual Pain Winter/2010
is one I have never seen before
The backgrounds are occasionally eerie, and a few of the models have their eyes rolled back into their heads. With all these aspects which may intrigue you, it isn’t enough however to distract you from the slew of hot new tees, jackets, and tank tops in this line. Sometimes, fearing fashion can be a good thing.

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